Ensuring that you spend enough time outside during any given day can be a difficult quota to meet for anybody. You’ve got your own responsibilities to attend to, your own schedule that you need to work within, and so the idea of doing all of this and fitting in additional extras like exercise and fresh air can make them feel like exactly that – extras.

However, suppose you’re someone who is also physically disabled. In that case, you might find it even more difficult to spend this time outside simply due to the additional hurdle that often comes with matters of mobility. Fortunately, though, there are ways around it that can allow you to flourish.

Find a Natural Spot

It might feel like there’s no difference between spending a day sitting inside and a day sitting outside – only that all of your belongings and comforts are inside. You might continue to feel this way until you find a natural, quiet spot where you can take yourself and simply relax. Taking in the natural sounds and enjoying being in the presence of nature can be good for your mental health and might help to relieve feelings of stress that you ordinarily experience.

Of course, the trick here is finding a spot near you, easy to access and green enough to tick the above boxes. This might take some working out, but it could also be that you find one not so close by that you access using an adapted vehicle.

Use a Mobility Scooter

This might be an option that comes up quite quickly due to how efficient mobility scooters can be at taking you where you want to go. The number of places that consider people who use this kind of transport and have added accessibility ramps accordingly also means that this is increasingly becoming an even more useful way to travel. While using a mobility scooter to get around can be something you do wherever you go, you might find that some models with their own carrying space are best equipped for trips into town where you can go shopping and make the most of the consistent material underfoot.

Public Transport

While you likely have a lot of concern about whether or not the places you’re thinking of going to are adequately accessible, it’s important to note that many public transport services are well equipped in this regard. This means you can use those to get around beyond the range that simply using a mobility scooter from home can get you. There is also the possibility of using an adapted vehicle. Still, you might find that just being able to enjoy the passing scenery on public transport can make for a more relaxed day out, wherever you ultimately find yourself going.

This might also mean that you expand your days out beyond a wider area and maybe that you start to explore more of the locations in your vicinity for more varied activities.