youthful look

The pursuit of youth is an endless one; Whether it is down to the skin on our body, our creaky joints, or not needing a nap immediately after you have eaten something, many of us are trying to turn back the clock to a time where everything ached a little less and looked a little more weathered.

That being said, the more extreme treatments, such as plastic surgery, not only come with a hefty price tag but also come with some significant risks that plenty of people do not want to face.

If you are looking for a more ‘natural’ way to retain your youthful appearance, then read on to find out how without going near any scalpels!

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an outstanding antioxidant that has a substantial impact on the body when consumed and also when applied topically. You may have noticed the shelves stocking up with Vitamin C serums and extracts, but is contrary to their skincare neighbors, Vitamin C has been proven to help the appearance of fine lines and brighten up the appearance of skin.

Make sure to choose a quality product to work with, and always do a patch test before slathering it on your face.

Red Light Therapy

Light therapy is not anything new, but the attention it has got in recent years almost definitely is. Thanks to social media, we have got an up-close and personal look at those at home wearing light therapy masks, but what does it exactly do?
Red light, in particular, is a color that penetrates far into the skin. It has been claimed that because of this reach, it can help stimulate collagen, encourage healing, help remove wrinkles and fine lines, lessen the appearance of scars, and help reduce inflammation, to name a few.

One of the best parts of using red light therapy as treatment is that it does not get messy, no additional products are needed, and you are able to use a device yourself in the comfort of your own home for a one-off cost, rather than repeat trips to the salon.

Laser Resurfacing

Laser resurfacing is also another option to try out if you are looking for promising results but wanting to avoid surgery.
While this treatment is much more invasive than using serums or light therapy, it still comes with much less risk than going under the knife and can demonstrate brilliant results even after one treatment.
A laser resurfacing treatment essentially removes the top layer of skin, which really highlights issues such as sun damage, dry patches, hyperpigmentation, and fine lines, etc. Underneath, the new skin cell layer is free to heal and offer a brand-new youthful appearance.

You will need downtime after this procedure, as there can be side effects such as redness, soreness, and blistering while your new skin cells find their way and settle down. You might also experience swelling too, which can be uncomfortable and require you to take steroids, so these side effects are worth weighing up before you go for this option!