Creating the Perfect Three Season Porch

Winter is still in full swing, but many people are already starting to plan for the spring when it comes to their home and yard. During this time of year, the idea of a 3-season porch has become extremely popular. Typically, a 3-season porch is a covered porch that has some sort of completely seals walls and methods for heating and cooling. This is a very popular option instead of or in addition to an outdoor deck for people in any climate.

Creating the Perfect Three Season Porch

Creating an awesome 3-season porch may sound simple, but there are a lot of different factors to consider. This type of porch needs to be comfortable not just in ideal summer weather, but throughout the spring and fall as well. This means the porch needs to be easily adjusted and flexible to meet the demands of the seasons. Here are five tips for creating the perfect 3-season porch.

Let in as much natural light as possible

Natural light is why people love their porch so much. When creating a 3-season porch, everyone should try to leave as much natural light in the space as possible. Using glass wall paneling and adding a few skylights can help people enjoy the porch even more. Additionally, these things often mean that heating the porch will be less expensive in the cooler seasons.

Use inspiration from nature

Again, people want to be on the porch so they can enjoy the beauties on nature. When decorating a porch, then, everyone should try to use as much inspiration from nature as possible. This will make the space feel more fitting and relaxed. Ideas can range from including fresh flowers to using natural green shades. These are simple tricks that anyone can use to make their porch look more beautiful.

Think about the furniture through the seasons

Furniture on a 3-season porch has a special responsibility. It needs to be comfortable throughout all different climates and withstand the elements of each season. Not all outdoor furniture will be right for a 3-season porch. The furniture should be more comfortable than lawn furniture, but not too delicate to crack and break during the first weather change.

Create easy access

The porch is not always at the front of the home, or even on the first level. Home owners should create an easy way to access their porch for everyone. Ideally, the access to the porch would involve options that allow people to enter through the home and outside the home. There should also be easy access to the kitchen for easy porch entertaining.

Add some entertainment

Though looking out at nature is always a great way to relax, most people will want some other form of entertainment on their porch. Direct TV on demand is one of the most popular options. Otherwise, home owners can add gaming tables or even a karaoke stage. These fun items will make family night more fun on the porch and make everyone want to come back again after parties.