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How To Take The Coolest Photos With Your Cat

Cat Content: Everybody Loves It Very few people will deliberately look away from cat content on social media; whether that content is pictorial or includes moving images. Cats are cute, they’re fun, they’re entertaining, and they’re one of the best methods of getting your mind off the difficulties of life safely. Also, it turns out …

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How to Help Your Dog Relax

However much love you show your dog, you may find your pooch displaying signs of anxiety and stress. Unfortunately, they cannot tell you precisely why they are fearful or what you can do to help them. Luckily, there are a few ways to help calm them down. Here are a few top tips that can …


Cold Duck(s) …and other critters

More below freezing days and absolutely frigid nights on my homestead this week. I keep reminding myself that despite the title of “North” in my chosen home of North Carolina, we’re still ‘officially’ considered the south. But if February turns out to be colder than Alaska (which January has been this year), I’m going to …


Poultry Project 5: Duck Eggs… Yum!

Easter’s downy ducklings are now grown, and have begun producing eggs. Beginning three days ago we were finding one or two chicken-sized eggs in the coop when letting the ‘kids’ out in the morning from their secured night quarters. In fact, we amassed a total of 5 eggs over the weekend, began to wonder if …