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Since winter is fast approaching, a number of companies are set to distribute their respective range of heaters in various designs and types. Due to the abundance of products and their diverse nature, it may be a daunting task to choose the right home heater based on your lifestyle. There are several factors to consider, such as the environmental impact, running cost, degree of heat in the room, etc. Further, natural gas heaters for your home are segregated into various sub-types, including electric fireplace, ceramic, wall heaters, oil-filled radiators, baseboard or free standing heaters. Generally, there are two popular types of room heaters, called convection and radiant heaters. Radiant are widely common, safe, effective, and can regulate temperature and automatically shut off. Convection products are designed to quickly heat up an entire room and may or may not require the assistance of a fan. These are generally not as powerful as radiant, but have a wider coverage area. Let us take a detailed look at choosing the right heater for your home based on your lifestyle.

Heater 640

Gas Heaters

Although such products may be costly, their running cost saves you money in the long run. This is because gas products produce about only one-third of the greenhouse emissions as compared to portable electric heaters. Such natural gas heaters for your home should be installed by an acclaimed provider, such as Jager Gas. Their services include installing a spectrum of appliances, such as pool heaters, gas heaters, patio and spa heaters. Unflued products may require room ventilation and are far less expensive than fluid gas heaters. However, fluid products are much more suitable for bathrooms and bedrooms.

Electric Heaters

Electric products include oil-filled column, radiant, convection and fan heaters that are not very expensive but may incur heavy running costs. These are best used in small areas for a short period of time. However, keep in mind to look for a timer while getting these products, since they can amount to high utility bills if left running overnight. On the positive side, they are very convenient to use because there is no need to clean up splinters or ash. They are environment friendly as well and run on renewable electricity and are highly portable and versatile in nature.

Radiant Heat System

If you want to get a propane gas heater for home, it is a good idea to opt for a boiler or propane-powered water heater, called a radiant heat system. This system uses tubes that are embedded in the flooring and is considered to be much more effective than most central heating systems. The basic science behind its mechanism is that heat starts radiating from the floor and naturally spreads and rises throughout the room. You can also insulate the water heater with a blanket to be able to use propane efficiently.

Wood Heater

Wood heaters are considered to be a lot more effective than a fireplace, since the slow combusting fire gradually heats up the room and releases all toxic heat out through the chimney. This is an energy efficient way to produce heat, since slow combustion fires contribute far less to air pollution than most open fires. They are great for large living or dining areas in your home. So, check your home and your lifestyle before you choose a natural or propane gas heater for your home.