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The proteins contained in soy have long been associated with many health benefits, including reducing cardiovascular disease, immune disorders, certain types of cancers, and insulin-resistant/type II diabetes. This last health benefit is encouraging people living with diabetes to take a closer look at the benefits of soy peptide powders to balance their blood sugar levels easily and effectively. 

Soy has fascinated scientists and dieticians for years because it offers many health benefits that medicine is still exploring soy’s chemical makeup. This relentless exploration has resulted in the discovery of the benefits of soy peptide powder.  

Isolating the Beneficial Peptide

There are many different proteins in soy, but it’s the processing of soy that creates these functional and bioactive peptides. With studies on these peptides revealing vast health benefits, these peptides are responsible for many positive medical claims in the USA and Canada that have since been proven to be true. 

Scientists have identified aglycin as the bioactive peptide that’s isolated in the processing of soybeans and contributes antidiabetic potential to diabetes I and II sufferers worldwide. They have performed a study that has proven that aglycin effectively lowers the blood sugar levels of mice fed a high-fat diet in which diabetes was induced. 

The results of the study indicate the benefits of taking the soy peptide powders containing aglycin enables people with diabetes to significantly reduce or even to prevent hyperglycaemia. It does this by increasing the insulin receptor signalling pathway to accept glucose from the bloodstream and transform it into energy.  

Benefits to Diabetics

For people with diabetes, the benefits of being able to easily control their blood sugar levels may be the difference between constantly worrying about their health and being able to live life to its fullest.

Blood sugar levels can result from various everyday causes, including a lack of exercise, stress, overeating or contracting an illness like the common cold. Although these rarely result in an emergency requiring hospitalisation, they can cause blurred vision, tiredness, stomach pain and recurring infections, among many other symptoms. Very high blood sugar levels can have dire consequences, including a diabetic coma. 

By getting in the habit of drinking a glass of water with a packet of soy peptide powders before meals, every person with diabetes can reap the benefits of easy management of their blood sugar levels. Blood sugar levels differ, and most diabetics have their target blood sugar level told to them by their doctor. 

The blood sugar level is tested by a home test kit which consists of a digital glucose monitor and an automatic lancet. The test is generally performed every day. Imagine diligently taking this test daily only to find that you don’t have to undertake any further actions and you can get on with your life. If you have diabetes, ask your doctor about the benefits of soy peptide powder. It may provide you with an easier way to manage your blood sugar levels and improve your life.