Your air conditioning system works overtime during the hot and muggy summer months.  It keeps you and your household cool throughout the season, allowing you to enjoy a reprieve from the weather that otherwise could make you overheated and sick.

As hard as it works, your system also relies on you to take the best of care of it.  You may find that routine preventative care can help it last longer and work even better each time you turn it on to cool your home.  When it is time for it to go through an inspection and HVAC maintenance Virginia homeowners like you can find a contractor ready to take on this task by going online today.

Seasonal Maintenance and Inspections

HVAC experts generally agree that you should have your system inspected and maintained well before the start of the hot weather.  Before summer arrives, you may want to hire a contractor who specializes in this work to come to your home and look over the unit for signs of disrepair or damage.

The contractor can inspect the lines, filter, fan blades, and other structures to ensure that it can be turned on safely and run for the entire summer.  He or she may also look at the wiring and Freon levels to make sure that there is no fire risk and that the air being blown into your house will be cool and dry.


If there are signs of disrepair, the service may be able to fix whatever is wrong with the unit quickly and for a relatively low price.  Depending on the work that needs to be done, you may even be able to get your unit back up and running in as little as a day’s time.

The contractor can replace the fan belts and blades, filter, wires, and other components that help your unit run as expected.  If the Freon is low, he or she can also refill it to the proper level.

It is generally recommended that you do not wait to have this service carried out on your HVAC unit.  You may even be encouraged to beat the summertime rush by going online and setting up an appointment for servicing now.

Summertime arrives each year before you know it.  You can make sure your AC is ready to go by going online for a service appointment today.