remember event

No matter when you have lost a loved one, you will want to do what you can, when you can to remember them. You may still be dealing with loss and grief, and remembering them and their strength may just help you too. Helping their memory live on, and giving them what they deserve is important. So, what are some of the heartfelt ways in which you can remember a loved one?

Dedicated Events

You don’t want to forget your loved one’s birthday, even though they are no longer with you. Making an effort to celebrate their birthday each year by holding a get-together, or remembrance event is important. A celebration or remembrance event will give you (and others) the opportunity to share stories, and reflect on great times, and happy memories. When you first lose a loved one, it can be difficult to organize anything in their name, as the pain and grief can be too raw. So, where you can, seek support and seek guidance, as this will help you.

Having Something to Hold

Physically letting go of a loved one can be difficult and trying. Holding on to the memory of them is sometimes not enough. Having something to hold can give you peace and comfort. When a loved one has opted to have a cremation, it is important to find an urn that they will love, and one that will tell a story. At Commemorative Cremation Urns, you can find eco-friendly urns and keepsake urns that will allow you to feel close to your loved ones, while still accommodating their wishes and wants.

Share Their Stories

Your loved one will have seen a lot, and they will have experienced a lot too. It is important to share their stories and share their memories as often as you can. When you can do this, you can keep their memory alive, and you can help all those around a lot more connected to one another. When it comes to sharing their stories, you may also find it helps to create photo books or scrapbooks at the same time. These will help bring the stories to life and help keep their stories and legacy growing over the years to come.


Remembering a loved one through the power of a legacy or donation can be comforting (even in those difficult periods). It can allow you to reflect on what they have achieved in their life, and it can give you the chance to help their name help others. When you are looking at donating in the name of a loved one, you must carefully consider what causes they aligned with. For example, were they investing in helping others, such as animal organizations, or local community projects? When it comes to creating a legacy, you need to ensure you focus on something they would have loved to be part of (and involved in). This will help to keep their memory alive, even as the years go by.