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Do you want to discover how to strengthen your hair? Here are some tips, foods and natural products to make your hair look healthy and strong.

Perhaps you have wondered! What are the tricks of some celebrities to have a radiant, strong and healthy hair? The first and foremost thing is to take care of your hair both inside and out, that is, in addition to using suitable products so as not to spoil it, you must also learn to brush it correctly and include certain foods that are good for hair in your diet. You can also choose to take a supplement that provides vitamins for hair.

Tips to strengthen your hair

Choose your hair care products well: It is important to maintain good hygiene habits for our hair, but it is also important to choose products according to their characteristics. The number of brands and classes on the market is overwhelming, so we recommend that you choose the most natural ones so that they do not damage your hair. It is recommended that it be made with 100% natural ingredients. Always use conditioner, even if you do not have dry hair, as it will be responsible for providing the nutrition it needs to make it soft, silky and shiny. If your hair is fine or greasy, don’t worry, you can choose a foam one.

Be careful with the water temperature: if you use very hot water to wash your hair, you will damage your hair fibers, making it more frizzy and dull when you get out of the shower. We will also be destroying the skin’s protective barrier. Ideal is that the water is at a temperature between 28º and 35º centigrade.

Do not abuse heat sources: if your intention is to strengthen the hair, you should not spend a lot of time drying it with an iron or hairdryer. Roll it up in the towel for about twenty minutes instead of rubbing it, we will avoid breaking it and weakening it while saving drying time, since most of the water will remain on the towel.

Brush correctly: the perfect time to brush is when the hair is still wet, but you should do it without making sudden movements and with a suitable brush, since wet hair is more brittle. The recommended brushes are those with natural bristles, such as boar bristles. If you use a comb, make sure that the bristles are wide and spaced. Finally, the best technique to brush it is to start at the ends and work your way up as we remove knots.

Home remedies to care for your hair

Among the infinity of natural products that you could use to strengthen hair, we show you the most used and those that provide the best results for our hair health.

Olive oil: thanks to its many properties, it allows our hair to stop being dull, giving it shine and softness . Apply two tablespoons to your hair and put on a shower cap while you wait ten minutes for it to penetrate your scalp. Shower after this time on a regular basis.

Eggs: This food is rich in vitamins E and D, essential to strengthen both hair and nails. You can obtain its properties with its intake but, to be more effective, beat an egg in a plate and apply it to the hair with a gentle massage. Let it work and rinse with lukewarm water before washing as usual.

Honey: due to its multiple nutrients, honey is a food that strengthens and gives volume to our hair. Use a little on your hair and massage with your fingertips to spread it. After 15 to 20 minutes, rinse and wash with your regular shampoo.

Coconut oil and flaxseed shampoo: Both ingredients are very important to strengthen hair. Mix them with the blender together with an infusion of orange peel and apply this homemade mixer after shampooing, as if it were a mask, every time you shower. Leave it on for 10 minutes before rinsing without re-washing your hair.

Foods good for hair

Since the phrase “we are what we eat” is totally true, your hair will look much prettier and shinier if you consume these good hair foods on a regular basis. The important thing about them is that they contain zinc and biotin, so take note. You can take some supplement like Intentionally Bare Collagen Peptides plus Biotin Powder for your better skin and hair care.

Green leafy vegetables: the more intense its color, the more benefits it will have to nourish and strengthen the hair. Some of them are: chard, spinach, lettuce, broccoli…

Carrot: many of the best vitamins for hair are present in carrots: E and C, potassium and beta carotene are the most prominent.

Citrus fruits and vitamin C: all citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C, key in the production of collagen that promotes the growth and health of our hair.

Fatty acids and omega-3: you can find it in fish such as salmon, sardines and tuna.

Yogurt: effectively nourishes the hair both inside and out and is ideal for damaged, dry and lifeless hair .

Nuts: walnuts, almonds, and peanuts are especially good.

Whole grains: they are rich in vitamin B5 and inositol, a substance that stimulates hair growth and prevents baldness.

Water: the lack of hydration is harmful to the entire body, including the hair. Consume at least two liters a day to keep hair hydrated.