They say that second to a funeral, moving is the most stressful thing a person can endure. A lack of planning and a lack of storage can make transferring your personal items to a new home seem very overwhelming. Is there any way to make it easier? Portable storage units help to ease the burden of moving. They’re an effective and more secure way to transport and store your personal belongings, whether they’re family heirloom china or boxes of confidential office documents.

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Typically a person who has already chosen a new residence to move into or a new location for their office has to plan their move properly to make sure they have ample space to put everything. However another big concern is security.  Even with the best insurance, they might not feel so great knowing that their precious and priceless heirlooms are sitting in a storage facility that’s five miles away. These storage centres are open to the public and constantly have a high volume of people walking through that you don’t know. Instead of trusting that everything in your facility is untouched, portable storage containers stay secure in your own garage, driveway or yard.

They go everywhere that you go which is a key advantage for a family when you’re moving because you can unpack at your own leisure. If you’re not ready to move everything into the house, you can still have access to your belongings right on your own front yard. Cosmetically, the units look unobtrusive and will not be destroyed by the winter or rain. They’re designed to be protected against the elements and can’t be tampered by thieves. If your property is valuable to you (whether for personal or financial reasons), you’ll want to get the most reliable storage option out there. The containers are made of reinforced steel and have tamper-safe lockboxes. They also come in several sizes, so whether you have just a few key items from your office or several valuable paintings, a representative can help you find the size you need.

For the business professional, portable storage containers are also an ideal solution. Consider the movie maker who has to find a way to secure his valuable and expensive camera and light equipment or a designer who needs to keep their samples. Using portable storage, you can easily transfer your desired items to the location when you need them. (Perfect when you get that last minute request to film a movie production!) For our hypothetical movie maker, say they’re filming a police car chase on Saturday, but need to move their stock to another town to complete the climatic fishing scene on a lake. With portable storage, inventory can move with them to every place and it won’t get lost in the shuffle. Movable box units are a stress-free way of keeping everything you need, while making sure your property doesn’t overrun your home. If you’re in the greater Toronto area, check out for deals on storage rental units that are flexible with your schedule. You deserve a stress-free move and a reliable company to help you execute it.