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With all the recent advances in technology, you might be wondering if the water purification industry has shared in these technological advances as much as other industries. We’re happy to report that one of the water purifier machine manufacturers in Malaysia has approached the subject of home and office water purification from a completely new angle. 

There have been some problems over the years that water purifier machine manufacturers in Malaysia have tried to address by introducing higher-tech versions of their machines. At some point, they electrified many of the water filters on the market to enable them to pump the water through their filters forcefully. This enabled them to use more refined filters, which would theoretically filter more impurities from the water and still fill the receptacles quickly. 

But there hasn’t been the ground-breaking improvement that was a game-changer and addressed the problem that everyone had with their water purifiers. 

Problem of When to Change Water Filters

Everyone who has ever used water filters has run into the same problem. How do I know when my water filter should be changed? Water purifier machine manufacturers in Malaysia have been wrestling with this issue for many years. 

Traditionally, most manufacturers recommended changing your water filter every three to four months. But if you had a small household, and subsequently you used your water purifier less often, you were likely to be replacing a water filter that didn’t need to be replaced. You could end up spending a lot of money on unnecessary water filters. 

The same problem occurred at the other end of the spectrum. If you were using a water purifier in a busy office, you might not be changing your filter often enough to account for the heavy use. It was a problem that none of the water purifier machine manufacturers in Malaysia had managed to solve. 

Online Water Use Tracking

But one Malaysian water purifier machine manufacturer, called Snaptec, took an entirely different approach to the problem when they utilised the internet and introduced a water purifier called The Aurra onto the Malaysian market. The Aurra was the first machine to relieve you of the worry of when to change the filter.

The Aurra is connected via the internet to the technicians at Snaptec. They can monitor the filter’s usage and notify you of when it’s time for a change. The filter gets used completely, but it’s never overused past its effectiveness.  

The connectivity of The Aurra has other benefits as well. The technicians can perform remote diagnostics on your machine and alert you to any potential problems before they occur or fix errors before they disrupt your usage of the water purifier. 

By entering the number of people using the machine in your home or office, they can also keep track of how much and often those people are using the machine to ensure they’re staying well-hydrated. Discover the future of water purifier machine manufacturers in Malaysia. Find why The Aurra will possibly be the last water purifier you’ll ever need.