It is important to be fit and active at any age, but this idea can sometimes be forgotten as you get older. After all, it may be unlikely that you will run a marathon or compete in the Olympics now, so why does being in shape matter? Here are some of the reasons why it is so important to be active in later life.

It Helps You to Remain Mobile

Joints can start to stiffen as you get older, and you may not feel as mobile as you used to. If you want to stay mobile for longer it is important that your joints and muscles are in good working order. The great thing about exercise is that it gives you energy, so the more you do, the more you feel able to take on. A light workout that involves stretching can help you with joint and mobility issues so try yoga or Pilates to begin with.

It Helps You to Avoid Ill Health

Ill health is something you might worry about more as you get older. However, being active will help you to stay fitter and healthier for longer as it can help to control or prevent issues such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart problems. To help you avoid ill health try some cardiovascular exercises such as walking or swimming.

It Helps to Keep You Mentally Healthy

It can be easy to let your mental health suffer once you have retired as the routing of getting up, going to work, and focusing on something you get paid for eight hours per day is gone. However, it is still important to keep your mind as active as you can to avoid becoming confused, depressed, and bored. Staying active will give you something to do during the day and it will keep you mentally as well as physically agile. Group exercise classes are a good way to stay mentally active as you have a set schedule, and you have to follow the routine.

It Stops You Becoming Lonely

Loneliness is a concern for many people as they get older. You may not live near friends and family, and it can be hard to meet new people. Loneliness creeps in and you may find yourself losing the will to do anything as it leads to depression. One way people avoid loneliness is to move into an assisted living facility as they will always have people around them. Also, many such facilities, such as The Gatesworth for retirement living St Louis offer group exercise classes so that you can be active and social at the same time. There are many good reasons why you should be active in later life, whether you are a seasoned pro or you are working out for the first time. However, you should remember to consult your doctor before you participate in a new activity program to make sure that you are fit and well enough to try the activities.