When the home improvement urge hits you, a good place to begin updating your home is your front entrance. It’s the first thing visitors and people just driving by will notice. A beautiful entrance is also an uplifting sight to come home to.

Walkways and steps

Many people are adding more hardscaping features to their yard to complement the landscape and enhance the curb appeal of their home. An attractive walkway to your front door is a wonderful way to welcome visitors. As part of your updating project, you may want to select a different patterning of steps leading to your front door.


Porches add beauty to a home and can provide some outdoor living space. As part of an updating project, you may want to add a porch or extend the size of your current porch. Adding a porch rail that complements the exterior style of your home will help unify the exterior design elements.

Front Door

Your front door can be the statement feature of your exterior décor. The style of the door and the hardware on the door should complement the architectural details of your home. Decorative door knockers are an excellent way to add a personal touch to your front entrance.


Lighting is just as important to your exterior décor as it is to the interior of your home. has an extensive selection of lighting styles that will complement a variety of decors. A pendant light, wall light or ceiling light are some possible options for your front porch. You might also want to include Pilaster and post mount lighting as part of your updating project.

Attention to detail

It’s easy to focus on the larger aspects of an updating project and neglect to give attention to the small details. It’s often the small details that bring completeness to the overall design. The mailbox is a good example of a décor feature that often gets overlooked. You can replace your mundane, ordinary-looking mailbox with a copper, stainless steel or antique brass mailbox. Decorative house numbers are another small detail that can enhance your front entrance.

When you update your front entrance, your home can immediately look more impressive. With the many decorative design options and exterior accessories available, you can create an entrance that exemplifies your style and personality.