Adding a rug into your living or family room is a great way to create a space that is inviting while showing off your personality and preferred design style. Whether you are interested in Bohemian, oriental, or even shag rugs for living room, there are a few tips to keep in mind before settling on the right rug for your home.

Shape and Size

Before you begin shopping for a new area rug that is perfect for your living room, family room, bedroom, or even your main hallway, it is important to consider the optimal shape and size of the rug itself. Measure the space you have available and determine whether surrounding exposed area is important to you. If you are looking to get creative with your new area rug, consider a unique shape that is different from traditional square and rectangular additions. Other common rug shapes include circular, octagonal, and even star-shaped options. Envision the final outcome of your room and how you want to present it to guests before choosing a rug shape and size that is right for you.

Texture and Material

Choosing the right texture and material for your new area rug is extremely important, especially if you are in the market for a large rug that completes an entire room. Consider the amount of foot traffic the rug is likely to receive before choosing the material that is most suitable. Do you plan to entertain guests while using the rug? Are there children and pets in your home? Avoid delicate textures and rugs with removable fur or material if you plan to use the rug in a high-traffic space in your home. Select a snazzy shag rug for areas that are more decorative or private to avoid wear and tear in less time.

Colors and Patterns

Creativity is key when comparing colors and patterns of rugs you have in mind. When you are redecorating an entire room, choose a color scheme that meshes with the theme you desire while comparing rugs that come in various colors. If you are purchasing an area rug for a family room or a high-traffic room, opt for darker or neutral colors. Use bright and inviting colors with simplistic patterns in areas that are more secluded and remote in your home. Complexly patterned rugs are also ideal for high-traffic areas to prevent stains, dust, and dirt from showing each time there is movement in the space.

With the right area rug, tie any space in your home together while creating an atmosphere and aesthetic that is reflective of any theme you have in mind. When you are searching for an array of area rug styles and sizes to choose from, consider shopping online at Roth Rugs. Finding the right rug for any room in your home has never been easier with Roth Rugs.