If you’d like to give your home or office a facelift, consider decorating with color. Painting has the ability to give both the exterior and interior of your home a brand new look. Even if you don’t want to paint the entire exterior of your home or an entire room you can still create a signature look by using color to accent the existing palette.

The Great Outdoors
Painting the exterior of your home or office has the ability to create a fresh modern look. Even if you decide to paint the trim instead of the entire exterior, the dash of color will make the whole house pop. Luckily, painting is an extremely affordable way to give your home a brand-new look, especially if you are only using the color to create accents. Keep in mind that painting a door a rich modern color will give people the impression you had your whole home painted. The effects are quite substantial.

Rooms that Make Statements
Moving indoors, you have the same options inside as you do outside. Accent walls are very popular and can have the same transforming effect that painting a whole room does. If you’d like to make the other colors in the room you’re painting stand out choose one wall to paint as an accent. It will wake up colors that have faded into the background and create more interest.

A Total Change
If you can’t get away with partially painting your home’s exterior or interior a full paint job will always guarantee a totally new look. Painting an entire room will create a different look even with the same old furniture and light fixtures. If you’re interested in creating a current look on a shoestring budget painting is always the way to go. Even the air filter media suppliers that provide filters for your business will think you’ve made major changes when all you’ve done was paint.

Budget constraints may make it difficult to do everything you want to do to update an old home or business. Painting is the go-to decorating hack that will allow you to make a distinct impression without changing much. Even old furniture and light fixtures look new in a room that’s been painted. If your budget is small painting is a tiny step you can take to make a big splash in the appearance of your home or office.