The standard drop cloth is an awkward way to try and protect flooring as you work on a construction project. It can bind up and is nearly impossible to secure. Paper protective covering is a material you can secure using construction grade tape. Below are seven reasons you should switch to using a paper floor protection product.

Convenient Bulk Rolls

Disposable flooring paper is a helpful product that makes the cleanup of areas less complicated after painting, staining, sawing, intensive cleaning, sanding, and other construction projects. You simply roll the paper up and discard when finished. You can purchase this paper product in large rolls, which makes the price extremely affordable.

Easily Fit In Cramped Areas

Using quality paper floor protection offers a unique benefit when you are trying to get coverage to areas that are cramped or hard to reach. You can measure the area, cut the correct amount of paper and apply it in corners, behind fixtures, or any areas that are seriously limited in space.

Eliminate the Hassle of Drop Cloths

Drop cloths tend to be reusable for several jobs before tossing out, but it can end up a hassle to spread them out and retrieve when you are done. Paper floor protection is affordable enough to use all you need, leaving plenty for your next job.

Tough Single-Use Protection

Even though these products are labeled as paper, they are designed and constructed with a fibrous material that makes the surface exceedingly tough. You can protect floors from damage that can happen by dropping heavy power tools, moving heavy equipment, furniture, and the mess of construction materials.

Scratch and Etching Protection for Hardwood, Laminate, Carpeting, Tile, and Concrete Flooring

Most interior renovation and construction projects require the use of tools, equipment, and plenty of feet walking along the flooring surfaces. Protecting sensitive hardwood and laminate floors from scratches are important to the owner of the property. As tough as tile appears, it is possible to break, chip, or scratch a tile or concrete surface as well. TRIMACO® floor protecting paper products keep these surfaces pristine as you work.

Paint, Stain, and Liquids Protection

Spilling water, or splattering paint and stains can cause permanent damage to some flooring materials. Using a quality paper shield that prevents liquid from soaking through is a sensible and affordable solution.

Easy to Apply and Secure

Paper flooring shield material comes in convenient rolls that are easy to apply and secure to the surface you need to protect. A durable tape is all you need to attach the paper in hallways, open floor areas, entryways, countertops, and more.

Make your clients happier at each job site by taking the time to protect the flooring. Using a one-use disposable protection makes the job easier and the impact on the environment is minimal.