Chewing Gum

Everyone picks up habits, it is just a part of human nature. Sometimes, people pick up habits that they don’t even recognise at first. The likes of biting your nails is something people do without even thinking. Before you know it, it is just a natural response and muscle memory. However, not all habits have to be bad. There are plenty of good habits that you can practise that are really going to have a positive impact on your life. These habits can even be used to replace other ones. For example, one of the biggest struggles when it comes to giving up smoking is going to be trying to fill all of those little gaps throughout the day. One of the reasons why people find it so hard to give up smoking is because they are used to taking those five minutes every once in a while to have a cigarette. So how can you turn that around? Here are some alternative habits that you might consider developing.


If you are looking for something that is very similar to smoking but won’t have you buying a box of cigarettes, then vaping might be the option for you. The only differences between vaping and smoking is the thing you are putting in your mouth. You can still step outside for a break with your vape just as you would when you are smoking. It is really common for people to turn to vapour when trying to give up smoking for this reason. If you are looking for somewhere to purchase your vape needs, check out

Chewing Gum

Another really common thing people take up when they are trying to stop smoking is chewing gum. One of the biggest downfalls when people are trying to get rid of their cigarettes is cravings. People get a craving for nicotine or even the taste of their cigarettes. So how can you prevent this? One effective way would be to start chewing gum. This is going to keep your mouth occupied and stop any cravings you might have. The fresh and minty flavour in your mouth is going to be more pleasant than tobacco. So there is a good chance that people won’t want to get rid of this by smoking a cigarette.

Drinking Water

It could be a really good idea to invest in some big, reusable water bottles if you are trying to give up smoking. Getting into the habit of drinking more water is something that people should be doing anyway. However, it is a really good way to stop smoking. You are going to feel more full when you are drinking water more frequently. As well as this, whenever your mouth is getting a craving, having a lot of water beside you is a good solution. Finally, drinking more water is going to help to improve your health. Your skin and energy levels are going to benefit from this. The fact smoking might derail these benefits could be a deterring factor for a lot of people so they stop.