A screen enclosure offers a way to enjoy the outdoors without all of the insects and other issues that you experience while sitting on your deck or patio. Companies that install screen enclosures in Jacksonville can offer suggestions about the best way to place the screens to provide the most coverage and to enhance the image of the outside of the home. You’ll have more usable space for your home instead of entertaining or spending time with family or friends in rooms of the house. An enclosure also increases the value of the home if you think about selling in the future. You can leave sliding doors open to allow a fresh breeze to flow through the screened-in area. Install a porch so that you can enjoy the deck or patio when it’s raining because of the screens that are in place.

If you have pets inside the house, then you know that they usually want to go outside at some point. A screened enclosure allows you to let your pets go outside for fresh air without going off the porch. You can also let your kids play in the screened-in room if they don’t want to play inside all the time. The screens give you an area of the home to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine and cool breezes that flow through without worrying about being bitten by insects. It also keeps pests off of your porch that might get into your trash cans or that might damage the items that you have outside the house.

A screened enclosure offers shade on a sunny day while keeping the area cool so that you don’t have to spend your summer season indoors. You can sit outside while your kids or pets play in the yard, watching them from the protection of the screened environment while still being near them in case they need anything. If you install screens that are a dark color, then the enclosure can offer privacy from your neighbors while you’re sitting outside. You’ll be able to see outside, but other people will have a hard time seeing what you’re doing on the porch.