Five Mancave Must-Haves


The area of the home that is dedicated to relaxation, TV, easy chairs, and bromance is what is affectionately known as the mancave. This space is the man’s hideaway—the area where the man can get away from it all for a few hours and enjoy the solitude of sports, movies, or even a little reality TV.

Five Mancave Must-Haves

However, when it comes to having the perfect mancave, there are a few essentials that must make an appearance somewhere in the room. Here are the top five items no mancave is complete without:

  1. Big Screen

While this might seem like a no-brainer, next to the couch or the easy chair, this is priority number one. The TV should be fully outfitted as well with all the works, including both surround sound and satellite TV. A great place to find all the channels you could ever want or need is at From sports packages to premium movie packages, your mancave can have it all.

  1. Seating

While you may have the seating under control for yourself, what about the seating for your buddies? In order for a mancave to be complete, there must be enough comfortable seating in perfect view of the TV for all of your friends. Look for a wrap around couch or an L-shaped couch that offers plenty of space and comfort.

  1. Wet Bar

When you’re entertaining down there, whether it’s for the big game or for a night of award-winning movies, it is essential there is a fully stocked bar. The bar alleviates having to travel to the kitchen to grab your drinks and snacks, meaning you or your friends won’t miss any of the excitement on TV. Add in a mini fridge or wine cooler to ensure the drinks are cold every time.

  1. Recreation

The mancave is not just for TV purposes, although that is a main feature. If the space allows for it, add in a poker table, pool table, or foosball table to keep the entertainment flowing all night long. If the space is too small for any of these things, be creative. For instance, find a poker table that doubles as a coffee table. Or create a flat-top to place over the foosball table so that it can double as both recreation and a practical eating space.

  1. Decor

While decor might be the last thing on your mind for your mancave, it is a critical component to your space. This is the area where you can display your sports memorabilia, trophies from high school and college, movie posters, and neon signs from your bachelor days that were probably relegated to storage after you got married. Frame your signed jerseys, baseball cards, and sports magazines to make the space the ultimate mancave.

Keep in mind these five must-haves when it comes to building the quintessential mancave. As the ultimate bachelor pad, the space should be fully stocked with everything you need for a perfect guy’s night of food, sports, and poker.


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