dinner party

Inviting your boss for dinner has its benefits. You can learn more about each other and establish a stronger working relationship. However, you are in charge of the event, so it is mostly your responsibility to create a perfect time. The following tips can help you plan a successful evening. 

1. Clean the House

Even though this is dinner night, you never know if your guest will request a tour of the house. Your home is a reflection of you, so focus on creating a good impression. Spend a few days cleaning every area your boss could potentially visit. Close the door to any room you want to keep private. Spend extra time on three key areas: the guest bathroom, the dinner table and the living room. Hire a carpet and upholstery cleaning service Lincoln NE to save some time. 

2. Keep the Meal Simple

It is natural to want to impress the boss with a sophisticated dish. But unless you are a seasoned cook, you should not try complex recipes you do not know. A simple but well-executed meal you can prep the day before can work wonders. Ask about any dietary restrictions and preferences before you start planning. Accompany your main dish with an appetizer (fruits, vegetables, or nuts) and a dessert. If it includes meat, try to choose the healthiest options such as lean ground beef and chicken. 

3. Invite More Company 

A lengthy conversation with the boss can be intimidating, especially if you do not interact much outside the office. You might have difficulty finding topics or even resort to shop talk. Avoid these awkward situations by inviting additional company. Some potential guests can include your guest’s significant other, your own or your colleagues. If you are bringing additional people, do so first and inform your boss during the invitation. 

Bringing your boss over for dinner can be intimidating, particularly for the first time. Prepare ahead of time with the right steps to ensure the event goes well.