steam shower

If you are looking for comfort and luxury, installing a steam shower should be among your top priorities. It allows you to shower in style while having ample time to recover from a tiresome day. As people worldwide continue to show their preference towards steam showers, there is no doubt that regular showers will have no place in the twenty-first century and beyond.

What should you consider before installing a steam shower?

Steam shower installation is a delicate process that calls for considerable caution before intended results are achieved. A failure to appropriately execute the installation process can limit the equipment’s efficiency. Therefore, it is critical to understand some helpful tips that will boost your chances to build your own steam room. They include:

Consider the ceiling height

A steam shower should be installed in a room with a maximum ceiling height of eight feet for a steam shower to function well. If your bathroom or steam enclosure goes beyond eight feet, you have to acquire a more sophisticated or powerful steam generator to fill the additional volume.

Consider where to install the steam generator

steam generator should be installed at a distance of not more than sixty feet beyond your steam room. You should also ensure that the location you choose is heated; a basement or closet happens to be the ideal location for a steam generator.

Steam head location

The way you position your steam head is very important; the best way to position it is by placing it approximately six to twelve inches above the steam room floor. It should be positioned on the wall that is opposite the sitting seat and also outside of the entrance/exit area.

Be mindful of slip prevention

Several accidents that occur in the bathroom are a result of a slippery floor. As you work on installing your steam shower, keep in mind that slip prevention is very important. By adding anti-skid strips on your floor, incidences of slipping will be unheard of.

Organize an enclosed and insulated shower space

Before installing your steam shower, organize an enclosed and insulated shower space that is watertight to maintain soothing steam. Many people fail to recognize that a steam shower enclosure should only be watertight, but not airtight. Tiles, marble, or non-porous materials are highly recommended for this function.

Hire a qualified plumbing technician

Working with a plumber that is not qualified can greatly compromise the quality of your plumbing connections. The same case applies to electrical connections. It’s, therefore, crucial to source qualified and licensed personnel who will work following applicable local and national codes.

Steam shower installation should be a carefully thought process that ensures all steps are adhered to. Understanding what is entailed in this process can help you avoid grave mistakes that characterize poorly installed steam showers. Even though steam showers cost a fortune, the value you stand to gain from them over an extended period is huge. It is worthwhile to invest in a steam shower. Your comfort and luxury should come first and the surest way to achieve it is by installing a steam shower in your home.