Having a spacious backyard is one of the most wonderful joys of today’s real estate market, especially because so many people are confined to small apartments with no outdoor space at all. And if you already have such a space, you’d better make the most of it! Turning it into a retreat for yourself, your friends and family is the way to go, so here are three easy ways you can do that without too much effort.

A Seating Area

If you’re not the most creative person in the world, yet still want to spend some time in the open, all you need to do is arrange a small seating area and you’re good to go. Just move a couple of your indoor pieces of furniture outside – or buy some new ones instead – and arrange it any way you prefer. Basically anything from putting a small coffee table in the centre of the seating area and scattering the chairs around it to adding a sofa with two chairs on the side will do. Of course, you can always explore different layouts until you’ve found the one you enjoy most.

If you’re not a fan of outdoor furniture, you can simply put a blanket on the ground, add a few pillows and take a seat in this impromptu seating area. This is perfect for all those who really wish to get in touch with nature and experience the benefits of their outdoor space to the fullest. Again, this setup is simple, affordable and easily adaptable to your personal choices, which is something we all need.

A Deck

If you love being outside and wish to take things to the next level, installing a deck is the perfect idea for you. It’s the best way to ensure everyone has enough space and you have some room left for your outdoor kitchen and appliances – you can even add a small storage area and dedicate an entire corner to colourful flowers you can plant in visually attractive pots.

While building a deck might seem like an easy task anyone can tackle, it’s actually quite the opposite. You have to plan and execute everything perfectly, calculating and measuring every detail meticulously, and there’s literally no room for error. That’s why hiring professionals with more experience than you is always a better idea – these are people who can recommend better designs, materials and layouts than you can think of. Finally, trusting them will get you drinking coffee on your new deck in a matter of days, so take this idea into account as well.

A Balcony

On the other hand, if you’re one of those people living in a tiny apartment with no backyard, you have to make the most of what you have and turn your tiny balcony into a perfect retreat. There are lots of ways to do so, but you should plan everything ahead and make sure you’ve used every inch of available space you have.

Before doing so, you should declutter your balcony and repaint the walls first, and then you can add the décor. A simple balcony bench, a couple of cosy pillows, a small coffee table and a few flower pots will be just enough to make you feel amazing on your new balcony. You can always add things like a small bookcase, a bamboo screen and a hammock later, but keep these options in mind as well.

As you can see, these ideas are simple yet highly effective, no matter how big your outdoor area is. Explore them, add your own personal touch to whichever you choose, and enjoy your outdoor space more than ever before!