A couch or chair can be a handcrafted wonder, a family heirloom, or simply a tag sale find. But regardless of the way it came into your life, there was likely a story attached and chances are an emotional connection as well. While most people prioritize their housecleaning and even bi-annual carpet cleaning, many people overlook the need for cleaner furniture. Fortunately, a competent professional carpet and upholstery cleaner can give your furniture the boost you and your family deserve. But what are the main advantages of having your upholstery professionally cleaned?

Aesthetic Appeal

Life is messy, and that fact is illuminated by the household addition of kids and pets. Sticky fingers, food, drinks, dirty shoes, even pet accidents can leave unintentional stains on your furniture. Blotting it up only gets you so far. Commercial cleaners and store-bought stain removers can be harsh and actually do more harm to your upholstery. Some applications can even spread the stain. Sure, you can turn the cushion over, but you’ll still know it’s there. And eventually, an unsuspecting guest will likely discover it as well. Professional upholstery cleaning can take care of the problem once and for all.

Odor Elimination and Control

There are few things worse than sitting on what looks like a clean piece of furniture and finding yourself in a cloud of putrid stench. Of course, recalling the odor is a disgusting treat as well. Upholstery holds onto odors, and since scent is the closest sense to memory recalling the nasty experience is pretty much guaranteed. Anything that has rested, sat on or seeped into your upholstered furniture likely left behind lingering odors. The right professional carpet and upholstery cleaner will thoroughly clean your upholstery and deodorize it to make it smell as fresh and new as it looks.

Durability and Extended Enjoyment

Over time upholstery pulls, gathers, stretches, and collects dirt and debris which reduce its appeal and softness. Food or beverage stains can harden, especially if they contain acids, and actually crack or break the material. Dust particles and their waste products can fill crevices and create a negative experience every time you plop down on the sofa or chair. And let’s face it if you’re not enjoying the comforts of home what’s the point in having them? A careful and thorough professional cleaning of your upholstered furniture will renew its appeal and extend the life of your investment.

Allergen and Pathogen Removal

Dust mites and dirt aren’t the only things lurking in your upholstery, but they are among the most common allergens. Still, far more nefarious culprits could be stuck in and on your furniture and they may even be making you or your loved ones sick. Certain bacteria and viruses can’t live long outside of a human host, so it’s been believed they also can’t survive on inanimate objects. But recent studies have proven otherwise. Streptococcus pneumoniae and Streptococcus pyogenes have tested positive as existing hours on furniture, toys, and other household items hours or longer after the last recorded human contact with the item. Upholstery provides conditions where these pathogens can bury and hide. Pneumonia and sepsis kill up to one million children annually, so why take the chance of putting your loved ones at risk when there’s a simple solution? Give us a call when you’re ready to have cleaner furniture and a happier home life.