Vending Machines

Vending machines are a familiar sight that have been around since the days of the Romans. They are extremely useful since they allow dispensing of goods without the need for human interaction.

You can find vending machines, such as those maintained by Tri State Vending, in a variety of places like movie theaters, gyms, gas stations and office buildings. Although they are most known for vending snacks like candy bars and chips, there are many other things you can purchase from vending machines.

1. Custom Drinks

Vending machines aren’t limited to foods anymore. In fact, coffee and soda lovers can create their favorite drinks by simply inserting money and pressing a few buttons.

Coffee vending machines can be found in hotels, on college campuses and in gas stations. They are able to brew a wide variety of drinks, such as lattes and cappuccinos, and will dispense a hot beverage when mixing is complete. Similarly, soda lovers can create their own flavors in many fast food restaurants by using a special soda vending machine. 

2. Toys

Small toys and trinkets are often sold in vending machines. These machines are often seen near the entrances at movie theaters and grocery stores.

Simply insert a few quarters, turn the knob and the machine will dispense a small toy or a sticker. A more elaborate version of this idea is the “claw machine” vending games. To win a toy in a claw vending machine, the player will first need to insert coins and then strategically steer a crane to pick up and drop a particular toy.

3. Gym Necessities

If you get to the gym and forget your headphones or your protein shake, you don’t need to worry. Many gyms and health clubs now have gym supply vending machines. At these machines, you can purchase items such as protein shakes, protein bars, water bottles and headphones to help make your workout a success.

Although vending machines are best known for dispensing snacks to office workers, there are many other uses for these helpful inventions. From specialty drinks to toys to gym necessities, vending machines are an easy way to buy items on-the-go without the need for cashiers.