A car owner needs to consider few important things before opting for car servicing. Acquiring more knowledge on these factors will keep him from hassles besides helping him save much out of pocket.

Here’s what every car owner needs to check:

Vehicle warranty                 
Whenever your car requires servicing, you must take it back to the dealer if it’s still under warranty. It’s mandatory for the dealer to provide free servicing to all warranted cars in the event of a problem.

Old and new vehicle servicing

The dealers want a qualified professional to handle all service issues pertaining to a vehicle before it’s sold. Apart from this, they also want the staff to be qualified in accordance with the specifications set by the vehicle manufacturer. All vehicle dealers want genuine body parts to be used by the servicing staff only if such parts meet the quality standards. A vehicle owner won’t need to take his vehicle for frequent car servicing Maidenhead if the dealer specifications are followed as stated. In that case his warranty is bound to remain intact.

Qualified servicing staff

A qualified servicing staff is an expert who has adequate knowledge of car servicing in Maidenhead. He is not the vehicle dealer. You may find it easier identify these service professionals if they put their certificates on display within their workplace. Instead of terminating a contract you may inquire about their qualifications whenever you’re not sure of their expertise.

Specifications of the manufacturer

You may file a lawsuit against any servicing agent that implies to abide by all specifications stated by the vehicle manufacturer but fails to match them. His failure to maintain strict adherence will allow you to sue him for all damages caused by his efforts regardless of whether he is factory qualified or not.

Genuine auto body parts

You have the intended use of the vehicle body parts and their fitness in mind while placing an order. You aren’t always concerned about the brand image of the manufacturer. Under circumstances when a body part is a suitable match but not a genuine option, you may consider it for servicing without leaving an impact on the warranty of your car. In case a part doesn’t yield good performance post installation, then the car owner may exercise his right to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer or fitter of that part. In case the part causes any damage to other car parts, the car owner won’t be able to sue the dealer and the manufacturer for damages. You’ll certainly be able to preserve your warranty by opting for a qualified agent and by doing some research on your own.

Follow a specific servicing routine


You may consider increasing the life of your car by ensuring a smooth operation for your emission and ignition systems. You must protect all moving segments through proper lubrication and inflation of tires. You must also check your car battery so that it doesn’t cause any damage to your vehicles. Calling upon a qualified service agent is absolutely necessary for battery maintenance. It will also help you in following a preset budget in the long run.