Internet access

Almost every business relies on the internet in the modern day. This means that for your business to run effectively, you will need to keep your internet connections up to scratch. If the internet in your office is slow or is intermittent, you may be losing money from work output and form contact with new clients. It is also highly likely that a slower internet connection is going to irritate your workers.

So, what are some of the ways you can ensure that your internet connection stays ticking over in your business?

Perform Speed Checks

When it comes to performing speed tests with your internet connection, you will want to do so many times in the space of an hour, from as many computers as possible. This will allow you to get an average of what your business internet connection time is. Why do this? Because it will allow you to identify fluctuations in the connection itself, and to identify if it is related to specific computers being plugged in, certain tasks being performed, or the number of people trying to access the internet at the same time.


What good is investing in a high-speed internet connection if the router itself is in bad condition? WiFi routers come in a range of prices and while it may seem savvy to pick the cheapest one, this may cause issues with connectivity.

The speed of any internet router is measured using megabits per second. You will want speeds at the higher end to ensure a faster internet connection in your office, such as 11,000 megabits per second. This will come with a higher price tag but will ensure that your business stays online and that your employees can access their work.

Reduce Mobile Use

Most people in a workplace will have a mobile phone that has internet access. However, if they are always connected to the internet that your office provides, this will inevitably slow the speed of the internet connection. It is worth reducing the use of mobile phones in an office workspace, to help keep the internet speed high and to keep your employees focused on their jobs.

Router Position

The majority of routers available today offer wireless connections. But this is not always as simple as it appears. You may need to move the router around the office multiple times to ensure that it is located in the right place. Be sure to move any metal objects out of the way of the router if possible. Metal can interfere with how well your employees’ computers can access the internet via a wireless network. So, you may need to perform a bit of a shuffle with the office furniture.

Educate Employees

It can be hard to keep up to speed with modern technology. But for your internet to be truly optimized in your office, you will need to show your employees how to use the internet that you have and how to detect and fix any potential issues that may arise with it.