Skips are an ideal addition for any business, big or small. Unfortunate, they can be overlooked by some businesses as a disposal option. Owners may not deem them necessary, or might think that they’re not worth the financial investment. However, there are some benefits to hiring a skip you may not have thought of, staff at Leicester based company Map Waste Skip Hire talk us through some of the benefits, you can read more information about commercial skip hire in their blogpost: Commercial Skip Hire – How can skips help with business.


Increased Security

Does your business regularly dispose of records and documents containing potentially sensitive information? If so, taking additional steps to dispose of them safely could significantly increase the security of both your business’ and customers’ private details. By hiring a skip with a locking lid, you can more reliably ensure that roving information thieves will be kept at bay.

Going Green

When it comes to going green, every little change counts. Does your budget not allow for any major green renovations at this time? Even something as simple as recycling can help reduce your business’ carbon footprint. By using a skip, you’re provided with ample space for recyclables, and they also give you the option to have separate skips for different materials. This makes skips an exceptional choice for businesses that handle large amounts of cardboard, paper or plastic during routine operations.

Fewer Messes

If you’ve been using a regular trash bin for your business, you likely know how messy they can be. Bags can fall out and spill all over the ground, and wild animals might loot them and leave the contents strewn about. Furthermore, trash bins can be easily tipped over or damaged. There are none of these problems with skips. Because of their height and design, bags will stay securely inside of the container, and wild animals often find them too challenging to enter. Plus, they can’t be knocked over, which means no more trash spills.


The superior durability of a skip means that it’ll outlast even the best trash bin. Their steel construction means they’re not easily damaged or dented. Even if a vehicle backs into a skip, significant damage to the container is unlikely. Furthermore, a special coating of paint helps discourage rust and corrosion.

Easy To Get

Best of all, hiring a skip is simple. Just look in your phone book or go online to search for a skip hire company in your area. In most cases, you can call or email to arrange the type and size of skip you’d like and when and where to have it delivered.