Starting a business means a lot of time and consideration into different factors, the building, the staff and the unique selling points of the company are all instant considerations. One thing that is often overlooked at the start and can cause widespread panic amongst business owners is waste disposal and how it works within a business.


If your business is producing a vast amount of waste then this will need to be pre-planned to ensure that your business abides by all the legal requirements. If your business is producing potentially hazardous waste then more steps will be taken. Whatever your business needs, whether you are producing factory waste, general office waste or restaurant waste these steps will know how to deal with it before it becomes a problem.

Does your business need an environmental permit?

If your business produces waste or emissions that effect the surrounding air, water or land you may need an environmental permit. Depending on your location and local council, you may also need a local authority environmental permit.

If your business produces emissions into the air you will need a part B permit, whereas there is a short list of specific works that will need you to apply for a part A(2) waste permit. These include:

The refining of gas, metal works which can include casting of iron, steel or ferrous metals. A part A(2) permit is also required for those surface treating metals, grinding cement and metallurgical slag. If you are manufacturing tyres, glass, ceramic products or wood based boards then you will also require this waste permit. Other tasks which require a permit include animal carcases or waste.

If you come under any of these or require a permit you should seek information from the Environmental Agency to apply for a permit.

Seeking a professional waste disposal company

Local to our business is Map Waste Disposal, a company based in Leicester that can take all of our office wastes from all of the businesses under our brands umbrella. If you produce a large quantity of waste then you will need to take up this option. So before planning to far ahead, speak to a local waste disposal company to get more information and an approximate cost for the amount you plan to produce. You can either have them collect the waste from bins provided by them or seek out skip hire services to go ahead with large quantities or one of clearances.

Put a waste system in place

Ensure your employees have a system of waste disposal to abide by, supply the correct containers and documents with instructions of how to manage the waste. With a system in place you can have the waste collected weekly, fortnightly or monthly. You should ensure your employees all know their roles when it comes to the disposal of waste. Here End of Tenancy Cleaning London is working fine in cleaning industry.