Living wisely in the modern world

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Benefits of Polytunnels

Grow Your Own: The Benefits of Polytunnels

Along with the economic recession and a rise in the number of people installing solar panels, growing your own fruit and vegetable has also risen in popularity. There are numerous benefits to this, including a reduction in your carbon footprint and organic produce free from pesticides. However, for a novice, it can be difficult to …


Disrupting the Way We Buy Produce

Straight from the TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield, a new internet-based project to greatly expand the CSA [Community Supported Agriculture] movement into places where it hasn’t been before. It’s a project designed to connect community organizers – volunteers with a group of friends and neighbors who want to get in on farm fresh produce and other fresh …

How to Survive Until Real Spring

Dig Out an Old Project, see if you can finish it… Sigh. I hate early spring. The weather goes from gorgeous and warm to bleak and icy in no time flat, and one dare not plant out anything that can’t take at least a couple of inches of ice on top. One day this week …