Installation of fence or building more to your current privacy fence is a task that you may handle single-handedly. At the same time, you’ll need to make sure that your new fence is structurally strong, properly leveled and plumb in nature. For this, you might need to wait for days as you cut and measure the fencing material within your yard. Your job turns easier only when you hire a fence installation professional.


Privacy fence estimates

Fencing companies showing a good reputation aren’t likely to charge anything for sending out their estimator; if they do, then they’re certainly not worth working with. You must set an appointment with the contractor in advance. Try meeting him at a time when you’re at home and accompany him throughout property till the evaluation is completed.

The period for which you want to use the fence and the height to be covered by it are supposed to be inquired and measured by an estimator. He needs to take a few things into account like tree roots, rocks or other obstacles besides taking into consideration the old fence that needs to combine with the new one. The grading obtained by your yard also needs to be examined by the estimator. You’ll need to spend more towards fencing that is contoured to its base or is stepped (posts bearing open spaces that are triangular in shape) in case the yard shows any slopes.

Lumber treated with pressure or cedar provides quality options for custom wood fences; these fences are usually quite cheaper. Metal hardware, post toppers and decorative gates are a few good options for accenting such kinds of wood. Besides painting or staining of wood, you’ll also have the option of leaving it natural. Corrosion of Vinyl fences isn’t common. They can withstand adverse weather conditions and seem a bit more expensive. You’ll find an economical option in chin link fences that are coated with vinyl; they are really quite effective when you’re searching for open sight lines. When it comes to buying fencing materials, each linear foot will cost you around $5 to $10, although the prices of such materials tend to vary.

Your budget may even be affected by installation of posts. Using concrete for installing posts seems to be an expensive affair. The fencing company needs to create holes worth 30 inches deep for each of your fencing posts. They can use a mix of concrete to fill it up. In spite of adding more stability initially, it often develops a pocket around the post and allows water to settle in. This in turn causes the post to rot faster. Post installation can even be done with a combination of gravel, sand and cement. Apart from improving durability of your fence it also adds comparable strength. Labor constitutes another big expense as you need to hire workers at an hourly wage of $30 to $50.

Choose the right contractor

You must search online and find out a few reputable contractor companies like the Richmond Fence Company. You may even consult with other home owners that have hired your neighboring contractor companies. The company you hire has to be reliable and effective. They should also provide you with a correct estimation before the commencement of work.