summer home

summer home

We’re now well into spring which means summer is indeed just around the corner and with it comes the better, warmer weather. This also means it’s time to start getting those jobs done you’ve been putting off; more specifically it’s a great time to start redecorating. So why not bring a touch of the outdoors into your home and match the summer season? Here’s five ways you can do this:

Choose Neutral Themes

Do away with the dark and stronger tones and either repaint or wallpaper in neutral colours. These can make a room appear bigger and feel fresher – especially when you let in lots of natural light. While this will be accentuated by the summer sun, the naturalistic feel will also remain even during the winter.

Bring in Some Plant Life

What better way to create an outdoorsy feel than to bring in some plant life? Dotting around a few house plants or just adorning a fireplace or mantel with a vase of flowers will also bring delightful scents into your home.

Have Wooden Textures

To build on the above point, having wooden textures around your house is another top tip. Whether it’s just having an oak sideboard, or fitting wooden skirting you again can bring natural feelings and smells. Remember to properly treat the wood though so it stands up to the rigours of general wear and tear.

Use Natural Materials

You don’t just have to stop at wood though, marble and granite are other great natural materials you can use. These are particularly good in kitchens and bathrooms being used as worktops or attractive surfaces. Not only do they look great though, they’re incredibly tough and hardwearing, so are bound to last you a long time.

Install Sandstone Tiling

Lastly, to finish off the natural look, you can put down sandstone tiles on the floors or walls. As an added bonus these are also easy to clean and are perfect for putting down in patios or bathrooms. Again, make sure you have the right equipment for installing them and ensure they are treated so they’re protected – especially if you intend on walking on them.

As alluded to above, while these are a good fit for the summer they’re actually appropriate for other times of the year as well. This means you can have the great feeling and aesthetic of the outdoors all the time, so what are you waiting for? Get started with these five tips today!