There have been many cities in the country that have been completely destroyed in the past due to disasters. Hurricane Katrina wiped out the city of New Orleans in 2005 causing thousands of deaths and people losing their homes.  There have been wildfires that have killed animals and people and ruined acres of land. No matter what the disaster is, once it is over the next step is for a city to rebuild. This can be overwhelming and impossible due to the severity of the damages. That is why it is important to know who can help and how they can help in these tough times. 

Outsourced Resources

One of the first things to do as a city when you experience a disaster is looking for outsourced resources. This means things that are not necessarily right in the city but you know you need access to. This can be a mix of people, supplies, and support. Depending on the city that you are in there will be access to different things. A great resource to look into is disaster tools and equipment. This will provide a city with the most essential tools and resources needed. 

Local Support

Another thing to do after something happens in your city is looking into the local resources that you have quick access to. Depending on where you are located this could mean large supplies of water, a big place for people to stay that have lost their homes, or local restaurants providing food. Most of the time these local businesses are more than happy to lend a hand and donate anything they have to offer.


When a tragedy strikes a community people want to help. Their friends and families have been deeply affected in their own backyard. Some of the best help a city can get after a tragedy is from the local community. People are willing to do almost anything it takes to lend a hand. This can be anything from helping pick up debris from a storm, making food for people who need it, or providing help with rebuilding. In tough times people come together and can form amazing support groups.

Having any type of tragedy hit your city can be unfathomable. Many people can be hurt and sometimes the community can’t return back to the way things were. As long as there is a plan in place and people ready to help, things will get better.