wedding guest list

Getting engaged and planning a wedding can be incredibly magical, and on your wedding day, you should be able to look around and feel the love from each guest you have invited. However, picking and choosing who you want at your wedding can become a bit of a headache. It can even be a cause of tension for soon-to-be-married couples who are otherwise loved up. You don’t want to leave anyone out, but it is inevitable that not everyone will make the cut. To avoid hurt feelings and conflict, here are a few considerations to help you put together the perfect wedding guest list.

Determine Your A-List

First things first, this is your wedding and you do not need to invite everyone. It is natural to feel a tinge of guilt when you think about omitting certain names from your list, but you need to put your foot down for your special day. Sitting down with your partner and determining your A-list is a great place to start. The A-listers are the people who you cannot get married without. Next, compile a list of all of your closest family and friends who did not make the A-list. Finally, put together a list of people who you would like to attend your wedding if you had all the money and space in the world to accommodate them. These three separate lists will help you figure out who you truly want at your wedding.

How Far Does Your Budget Stretch?

Working out a realistic budget can help you determine who gets an invite. Couples who do not have a venue yet probably have an idea where they want the wedding to take place and the type of reception they want. With this in mind, you can work out the number of people you can fit in the venue and how much it will cost you.

Tailor Your Guest List to The Type of Wedding You Want

Couples who want an intimate wedding with their nearest and dearest can simply narrow down their list to exclusively include immediate family and close friends. Large wedding bashes can be more difficult to determine. However, you can figure out the number of guests you will invite if you already have a venue in mind. After all, a wedding reception facility can only accommodate so many guests. You can trim your list by including your non-negotiable A-list, your list of close family and friends, and their plus ones.

A Wedding With or Without Children?

Some people love the joyful presence of children at a wedding, while others may think that screaming kids ruin the romantic atmosphere. Knowing the type of vibe you want on your big day can help you decide whether you want to make room for kids on your list.

Don’t Invite More Just to Fill Space

Many people have thought about their wedding day at some point in their life. In these daydreams, you may already have envisaged the scale of your wedding. If your guest list is smaller than you imagined, don’t be tempted to boost the numbers with acquaintances who won’t add value to your big day.