There are plenty of tips to be taken when you’re about to list your house for sale. Before showing your house to prospective buyers, it’s important that you make it as appealing and spacious as possible. Though you may elect to hire an accredited home stager to accomplish this for you, you should consider some easy DIY approaches that will not only add a personal touch to your space but also put money in your pocket.

Home staging has become an emerging sub-industry within the real estate sector. Analysis has illustrated that a property “staged” with specific interior décor and design approaches typically sells more expediently for a 10 to 15 percent premium compared to an un-staged home. Whether you are selling your primary residence or an investment property, DIY home staging approaches can certainly increase the value of your home.

First of all, keep it neutral to appeal to the most amounts of people. Use a neutral colour pallet, when choosing colours to paint your bedroom walls in particular. This makes it simpler for potential buyers to visualize their dream bedroom without any distractions.

Decorations can be used to enhance spaces, but be sure to consider how much light they contribute. Open all of your curtains and blinds to let as much sunlight into the space, while strategically placed mirrors can make your rooms feel open and spacious. In addition, tasteful artwork can make your home feel warmer. When buying new artwork for staging your property, be certain to choose pieces you would like to see displayed in your next property.

Clearing the clutter and giving each room a purpose is also a very good idea. This may seem counterintuitive but you want your home to appear as depersonalized as you can. So, refrain from having family pictures, children’s drawings, or other personalized items from appearing in plain sight. Psychologically buyers may see these items as reflective of a stranger’s abode rather than their own. Make sure each room you have represents a specific function too. For instance, don’t keep an exercise bike in the same room as your antique dresser.

Inevitably, staging home means having to remove some of your belongings from your spaces. Refrain from placing your extraneous belongings in your basement or garage and instead make use of an external storage unit, as this will facilitate your ability to illuminate your extra space. For the best prices and security, check out the offers at With a variety of different unit sizes all backed by an impressive security system, you’ll find storage that will fit all of your belongings for a reasonable price.

Available for long and short-terms, you can use a unit to store your extra furniture for however long it takes to sell your house. Hopefully by following the above tips, you can sell your home faster and for more money than you would had you didn’t staged at all.