Beer flight

A fun option to offer at your bar or restaurant is beer flights. Customers enjoy the chance to taste multiple beers in one visit, and they may come away from the experience with one or more favorite that they’ll keep going back to when they visit your bar in the future. It’s common for breweries to offer flights of the products they make, but even if you don’t brew your own beer, you can enjoy offering these flights to your customers. Here are some tips to help your tastings be successful.

Procure Supplies

Beer flights are typically four to six different varieties of the same beverage, served on a wooden tray in smaller glasses than your full-size pints. Flight servings generally range between 2 and 6 ounces. Of course, if you don’t yet have a liquor license Houston TX, that will be your first step. Once that’s secured, you’ll need to decide on the serving size for your flight and buy the appropriate size glasses. Then buy a wooden paddle with the number of spaces for how many beers you’d like to offer in a flight. The total volume of beer offered in a flight will usually vary between 12 and 24 ounces, and should be priced approximately the same as a standard pint.

Decide on Combinations

Depending on how many beers you offer in your bar, you have many options to create interesting flights. Most bars offer a completely custom flight — allowing customers to choose the individual beers they’d like to sample — but creating themes can be fun as well. You can offer a tasting of four different dark porters, for example, each with different flavor tones. Or you can offer different beer types from the same brewery. 

Provide Tasting Tips

Serving your beer flights with a tasting card can really help patrons get the most out of their choice. First explain that flights are generally sampled from the lightest beer to the darkest. Darker beers tend to have stronger flavors and to be more bitter, so sampling them first may affect the experience of tasting a lighter beer. Customers also enjoy information about each beer on their tasting cards. It can be helpful to include the brewery name, the alcohol content, and any tasting notes provided by the brewer.

Beer tasting flights are a fun way to introduce your customers to multiple beer offerings at one time. With the right setup, you can help people explore the world of beer, and maybe even come away with a new favorite or two.