career path

career path

Studying for a business qualification is a popular option for people with ambition. Such qualifications provide an individual with the sort of credibility that is essential in planning a successful career path, while studying for them helps to build a solid toolkit of skills and knowledge that can be applied in a wide range of professions.

A business qualification does not always have to lead to a career in business. In fact, it can be the first step into many different careers. This range of options is of course a positive thing, but can be daunting, and it is important to give serious consideration to the sort of direction in which you would like your qualifications to take you so that you can tailor and focus your studies accordingly.

Exciting and Rewarding Opportunities

A career is about so much more than simply the job you do, and it is important to think about what else it can do for your lifestyle in general. Some careers provide scope to work abroad and build essential experience in an environment that also allows you to satisfy a desire to travel.

The Middle East is one area experiencing an increase in employment opportunities thanks to the boom in communications, and telecommunications specifically. More and more people are applying their business experience and qualifications in this area, working for visionary entrepreneurs like Ehsan Bayat, and enjoying the opportunity to do this in an exciting new location and for highly competitive salaries.

Considering the Alternatives

Here are just a few career paths that could be a natural fit for people with business qualifications.

  • Management Consultancy. People who have studied business should have a sound understanding of business theory and are therefore able to take a step back and provide fresh and impartial insight into an organization and its challenges.
  • So many of the basic principles of business and politics are the same, such as the ability to manage important stakeholders, present oneself eloquently and quickly understand complex issues. Former Governor of Texas, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Ed Miliband, former leader of the Labour Party in the UK, are both graduates in this area.
  • Schools are increasingly looking to business experts, rather than teachers alone, for management advice, particularly around budgeting, staffing and resourcing issues, as they look for improvements to their efficiency and delivery.
  • Public Relations and Sales. A huge factor in business is building and maintaining successful relationships, so it is not surprising that many graduates in this area choose to specialize in this way and work with organizations to improve the way they communicate with existing audiences and how they target new ones.

Choosing Your Future

Working abroad may not be an immediate consideration when thinking about your career, but it is worth giving some serious thought to. Competitive salaries, the opportunity to travel, working in a new and exciting environment and unique scope for personal and professional development are all factors which, combined, explain why more and more people are choosing to apply their knowledge and experience in this way.