outdoor pergola

outdoor pergola

When you think of your garden or backyard space utilization, it is natural that you think of how you can comfortably relax in it. Your garden feature in landscaping will certainly have the utility units that together with natural surroundings make it not just beautiful, but stylish too. The outfits and designs of your garden units will reflect your lifestyle and taste, apart from adding value to your living standards. The other factor is proper utilization of the available space with the right material in keeping with factors like durability and low maintenance.

Beyond conventional materials

A spacious backyard or a garden is bound to have a pergola among other utility units and landscaping features. Conventionally pergolas of brick and mortar pillar pergolas tend to become too expensive to install. Those that are made of wood, of course, are prone to easy decay and destroy, despite their tempering with chemicals. Modern technology has not left the building of pergolas behind, but introduced a variety of outdoor steel pergola designs.

steel pergola

Steel made designs

Steel being a malleable metal gives more options of creating designs for the roof, and also can be colored to suit the exterior color scheme. The spanning capacity of steel pergolas also helps the steel sheets to fit into the space needing fewer rafts and posts in the pergola design.

  • Simple steel pergolas can be made by placing a minimum of four vertical posts according to the space covered by pergola with a couple of rafts on top to form a basic framework. Even the most simple of such steel frame for pergolas can be then embellished either with planters, or even with rolling mat shutters for creating stunning effect in the landscape.
  • You can also form a series of arches of varying diameter in sequence with molded steel bars that can then have either steel or wooden rafts placed sequentially on it for an artistic impression as well provide partial shade even without the presence of planters on it.
  • A more conventional bay type design for which steel can be used to make the pergola is placing of the cross-sectional bar-like rafts on top of the posts, forming a wide gaped mess-like look. To make the whole structure look even more stylish, you can also add arches between the posts. The grid bar of steel on top will provide shade that planters usually provide.

Style up your garden

These kinds of steel pergola designs are ideal for hosting sitting arrangements under their shade while giving un-obstructive view of nature outside. You need not embellish the outdoor steel pergola designs with planters, in case you find them difficult to maintain, as the designs themselves will give you the shade you desire. You can also color the steel to match the décor of your building facade, or the garden landscape to give it a stylish look. The steel pergolas can give that perfect classic look of the conventional pergolas in your garden according to the design that you choose.

The DIY pergola kit

  • In case you wish to streamline it with modern straight line outer building facade and landscape, you can leave it to the minimalist post and bar design of the pergola structure for the right kind of effect.
  • Whatever is the design that you choose, the steel pergolas will give you a lasting and durable shade for seasons to come as they are usually powder coated for anti-rust.
  • Since it is the age of DIY or the do it yourself methods, outdoor steel pergolas come as pre-fabricated kits of different parts which you can buy by choosing the design of your choice and also install it all by yourself.

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