Even though you may have taken precautions to keep your basement dry and in good condition, you may still have some serious problems if you have a cracked foundation. While you should contact someone who specializes in cracked foundation repair anytime you have a cracked foundation, here are some signs that you need to make that call sooner rather than later.

Cracks in Your Drywall

Having any cracks in your foundation is a problem, but seeing cracks in your drywall elsewhere in your home means that the problem needs to be addressed right away. Cracks in your drywall mean your foundation is uneven at best and seriously damaged at the worst. You can have the drywall repaired, but that won’t solve the underlying problem.

Sticking Doors and Windows

While sticking doors and windows may be caused by issues such as excessive humidity or even a poorly built frame, they are just as likely to be caused by a bad foundation. Just as drywall can crack when a foundation becomes uneven, a window or door frame can go out of alignment and stick shut. If a window or door is consistently hard to open even when the humidity in your area is fairly low, you may have a foundation problem that needs to be addressed.

Sloping Floors

A floor that has a clear slope to it is a clear sign that you have a problem with your foundation. At the very least, it’s uneven. At the worst, your foundation is cracked. In any case, you should find a contractor to make repairs.

Cracks in Ceramic Tile

If you have ceramic tile on the floors and walls of your bathroom or kitchen, look to see if they are cracked. If they are cracked, it could mean that your foundation needs to be fixed.

As a rule, you should always pay attention to any problems in your home that could indicate that something is wrong. If you suspect that you have a crack or some other issue with your foundation, don’t hesitate to call a contractor to have the problem inspected.