Garage Door

Oftentimes, home owners realize that their garage door isn’t closing fully. This is a common complaint from many home garage owners, so let’s find out why this is happening. Here are some of the commonest causes.

Garage Door

Obstructing objects in between the sensor’s beam

Objects blocking the beam from the sensor are some of the commonest causes of garage doors in Miami failure. Fortunately, this is one of the easiest issues to solve as all that is required is to remove the offending object from the sensor’s beam path. Leaves, spider web and a variety of other debris can get stuck on the sensor or the beam path, resulting to its malfunctioning. For proper functioning of the sensor, all these obstructing objects need to be quickly removed. While at it, make sure that the bottom of the garage door is clean or free from debris. If something is dangling on the door end, then this also needs to be removed as the sensor won’t function as expected.

Sensor is out of alignment

This also is an easy to fix issue as all that is required is to align the sensors appropriately. Vibrations when the door is opening or closing are a major cause of sensors getting out of alignment. To align them, loosen up the wing nut on each sensor. Move the sensors until they are well lined up. The receiver indicator or led should come on when sensors are properly lined up. The wing nut on each sensor should now be re-tightened.

Bad wiring

This also is a major cause of sensor failures. Faulty sensor wiring needs to be mended for proper functioning of a garage door sensor. Try shaking the wires to see if the led on the sensor will flicker. If it does, then the connection is faulty. Unless you have the right garage door sensor repairing knowledge, it is better to have someone familiar with this sort of repair work to handle things for you rather than opting for a do-it-yourself approach.