Did you know that natural male enhancement supplements are discreetly packaged and delivered to your door step? The top natural supplements for men are concocted with ingredients that also do not require any prescription as they contain only natural ingredients that have lower chances of side-effects. However, it does not mean that every natural enhancement pill will work.

Triverex and Extenze have been selected as the top 2 erection pills by leading male enhancement product review websites like Male Enhancement Institute. Here is a comparative study of both these erection pills based on their ingredients and how they help men fight erection problems.


Ingredients in Extenze

Extenze has an impressive list of ingredients with very clear and distinct functions to fight erection problems in men. For starters L-Arginine is said to help relax muscles and the nitric oxide content in this ingredient is said to help relax the blood vessels allowing better blood flow in to the penile chambers leading to better erections. TribulusTerresteris helps release testosterone hormones which is essential for men. It also increases libido to enhance sex drive. Ginseng Eleuthero helps slow down the process of aging in men as well enhance endurance to fight issues of finishing fast. Saw Palmetto helps to enhance prostate health. Sarsaparilla helps to enhance vision. Yohimbe is another ingredient which is popular as an effective natural ingredient but often has been associated with severe side-effects. Maca was used by ancient Peruvians as a natural aphrodisiac and potency increasing source for both men and women. Gingko Biloba enhances the central human nervous system which in term increases sensitivity and enhances sexual pleasure. Nettle is another ingredient which helps to increase testosterone levels in men.

Ingredients in Triverex

Korean Red Ginseng present in Triverex is a vital ingredient because it has been passed off being an effective natural male enhancement ingredient by 7 clinical tests. It also contains L-Citrulline, Epimedium, EurycomaLongifolia, Maca, and Velvet Bean to look after the overall sexual health in men. Now that the active ingredients in Korean Red Ginseng are much lesser. Let us take a look at them together.

Top 2 Erection Pills and Their Effectiveness


Both the product have the advantages of being a natural supplement for sexual enhancement in men. This includes lower chances of side-effects from the ingredients. This fact further allows people to be able to purchase both the products without a prescription. Both products offer discreet payment and shipping options. They have some common ingredients including maca root.

While Extenze has a large list of ingredients to look after the complete sexual health of a man, Triverex has one ingredient i.e. Korean Red Ginseng which has clinically been tested to have good effects on men’s sexual health. However, there are ingredients in Extenze such as Saw palmetto which have secondary functions to enhance men’s sexual health permanently but indirectly. Triverex thrives on clinical tests and the fact that it has been formulated by a doctor. So, if you are looking for scientific proof, Triverex is the one to choose. However, if you are looking for complete sexual enhancement, then Extenze might be a better option for you.