Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is a great way to decrease global warming and go green. By reducing the amount of carbon dioxide being produced, you’ll have cleaner air and a brighter world. Renewable energy is a power source that nature supplies without having to remove and burn anything from the earth such as oil or coal. Here are some of the different kinds of renewable energy that are available.

1. Hydroelectric Power

Electricity is created when a magnet is spun at a fast rate, and running water is a natural way to create this power. By building a dam to store water and then running that water through turbines, companies such as hydroelectric Jacksonville FL produce enough electricity to power an entire community.

2. Solar Power

Photovoltaic (PV) cells capture sunlight and create electricity with it. Solar energy used to be expensive because of the high expense of PV panels. But the cost has gone down dramatically in the last few years and is now popular with RVers and campers. For a relatively low cost, you can have a portable solar panel that can power your laptop and other equipment.

3. Wind Power

Wind power relies on wind rather than water to turn the turbine blades to create electricity. Because of the cost of the turbines, these are used on wind farms to produce electricity. It still relies in part on old-fashioned electricity produced by power plants to transfer that electricity from the wind farms to people’s homes.

4. Geothermal Power

With geothermal power, underground geysers are used to produce electricity. Geothermal power can only be created in areas where geysers are located, such as in Iceland. Therefore it has limited applications, although homeowners can purchase a geothermal heat pump to heat their homes.

By using these renewable energy sources, people save the earth and their wallets.