Maybe you want to bring religion to an isolated neighborhood. Maybe you just need a new facility to house your growing congregation. Whatever your reasons for building your own church, here are just four ways to raise a new roof for the Lord.

1. Get the Community Involved

Most of your flock will be more than happy to contribute to the building of a new church. Whether it’s hauling timber, laying tile, carving crosses or just hosting bake sale fundraisers, let them know how they can help. They might even have a few ideas of their own! The more that the community is involved with the construction process, the more likely that they’ll come visit once the construction is complete.

2. Budget Everything Carefully

Speaking of fundraisers and construction projects, you should know in advance that it won’t be cheap to build your own church. You’ll need to make a budget and stick with it. Talk to local contractors and ask them for quotes, estimates and general pricing guides; this will give you a starting point for creating a financial plan. If need be, you can always put off the actual building while you spend a few months raising the necessary capital.

3. Have A Vision

What do you want your church to look like? What kind of worship do you plan on leading, hosting or encouraging? If you’re thinking of old-school pews and alters, you might look into traditional Catholic church architecture; if you’re a modern kind of pastor, you might want a building that’s wired for video recording and satellite worship.

4. Plan for Growth

Always leave a few empty rows in the back of the room. You never know when your congregation will expand, and the last thing that you’ll want to do is turn away visitors because your building can’t accommodate them. You should also keep in mind that a long-term church will eventually house the kids and grandkids of current worshipers, so having enough room for everyone is essential!

These are just a few things to consider if you’re thinking about the creation of a brand-new church building. Don’t let yourself get too stressed, however. At the end of the day, the Bible can be taught in shacks and hovels as long as it’s being spread with an honest heart; a church is just a luxury. God bless your efforts!