Plumbing companies offer one important service among many: quarterly and annual plumbing inspections. Getting on top of plumbing maintenance, repairs, and costly damage is better than waiting for the problems to get worse, especially if you’re a business owner. Here are 4 water-related problems that will cost your business.

Plumbing company Cypress: Water leaks can waste gallons of water

Research shows up to 50% of water lost in the U.S. comes from water leaks. That’s why business owners should check their usage regularly and look for unusual spikes. Leaks in supply pipes, leaky faucets, and broken toilet flappers can drown hundreds of dollars down the drain. Without a professional plumbing job, you won’t get the benefits of industry-approved and comprehensive training.

A plumber will need to observe areas in the business where water passes through and check the meters for the source of the problem. They may look underneath dishwashers or check for signs of corrosion and damage to pipes. Signs of moisture and rust may also indicate water leaks. In general, leaks cause problems to mount, costing you thousands of additional dollars.

A drop in water pressure can harm business operations

Unless the issue with water pressure affects the entire business, low water pressure may be limited to a specific fixture. Either way, a drop in water pressure caused by clogged pipes can affect restaurants, bars, and retail businesses that require higher amounts of water pressure. Any sign of reduced water pressure will cause delays in your business operations. A plumber can help.

Water damage can weaken the structure of your business

Water damage from leaks can cause rotting wood, cracks in walls, sagging beams, and musty odors. All of these issues signify the gradual deterioration of your businesses’ structure. While the building might not collapse, the lack of structural integrity means that you can expect problems with roofing and walls as well. A plumber can check for signs of water damage in your home and fix the problem before it affects your business’ structure.

Water damage can create mold and worsen respiratory illness

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), “ the key to mold control is moisture control”. Condensation forms when moisture from humidity settles on cold surfaces. The heat from ovens, steam, rising food costs, and human activity can cause moisture to linger in hidden areas. Over time, this excess moisture and increase in bacteria can lead to the development of mold.

Mold is guaranteed to make life harder for any of your employees with allergies or respiratory problems. And mold can be a huge liability problem when inspectors find it without you knowing about it. Plumbers can help cut down on these burdens by spotting signs of water damage that others might miss.

Cooper Plumbing Cypress: Call for convenient plumbing services

If you’re thinking of letting water leaks go unattended, trust that the cost to your business will be substantial. Contact plumbers for a consultation and inspection. Your business and its customers will thank you in the future.