sliding door

It seems like a common problem to always run out of storage space in your home. But many people never consider that if you add a sliding door to your wardrobe, it can be useful for storing other things as well as clothes. Boxes, bicycles, even a washing machine can take up residence in your closet along with your clothes.

Homes seem to be shrinking as properties get more expensive and developers try to squeeze as many units as they can into an apartment building or condominium tower. Space is a luxury in Bangkok, and many people simply can’t afford the amount of space they need to store all their belongings. They need to get creative and work with what they have in the way of adaptable spaces. 

Adding a sliding door wardrobe into an existing space is a clever way to both provide more storage space and to tidy up the appearance of your apartment. Floor to ceiling shelves full of belongings tend to make a room appear smaller, no matter how carefully arranged they are. The sight of so much stuff simply tends to overwhelm the eye and draw attention to itself. 

But if you cover it up, you still need to have easy access to it. A sliding door wardrobe offers the perfect solution. 

Modern Closets Help Maintain Clothes

The shelves and organisers that are part of modern closet design help you utilise your wardrobe as a hiding space for your belongings other than clothes. These modern wardrobes provide clothes storage areas that provide room, ventilation, and organisation for your clothing that help you keep your clothes from becoming musty and mildewed, particularly in Thailand’s heat and humidity. But they’re also cleverly designed to maximise the space available. 

By using their clever design, you can use your wardrobe for other uses besides storing clothes without causing any damage to the clothes. Plus, most modern wardrobe designs utilise a sliding door, making them easy to access for both clothing needs and to reach other often-used items that simply don’t have their storage area in your home.

Mirrors Add Space

Another way to add the look of space without moving to a larger apartment is to add a large mirror to one wall of a room. Modern sliding door wardrobe manufacturers have been incorporating this feature for years as a convenient place to look at how your clothes fit you, as well as adding a look of increased space to a small room.  

A wardrobe-length, floor to ceiling mirror makes your room look brighter, more spacious and allows you a full-length view of yourself. But just as importantly, it hides all the belongings that make your apartment look cluttered and disorganised.  If you’re planning to relocate into a less-than spacious apartment in the near future, why not consider investing in an extra storage area by buying a sliding door wardrobe? You can choose a wardrobe that matches nearly any décor, and it will be an easy solution to the urban problem of not having enough storage space.