pet cat

Having a cat in the home brings companionship, fun, and lots of cuddles (when they are in the mood, of course). To ensure that they have the best possible quality of life, cat owners need to do more than put some food and water down. Every responsible owner knows that their cat needs to visit their local veterinarian at least once a year. This ensures that you can catch any potential signs of ill health before they become too advanced and that they get their annual vaccinations. However, there are plenty more ways that we can keep our feline family members happy and healthy.

Feed them high-quality food

One of the most important ways to keep your cat healthy and energized is to feed them high-quality food with high protein levels. When looking for pet supplies in Mesa, be sure to choose the right food for your cat’s age and activity level.

Keep them hydrated

Cats are notorious for not drinking much water, particularly standing water, but this can lead to health problems in later life. You may want to consider investing in a drinking fountain as they mimic natural running water.

Play with them every day

Adult cats may not be as playful as they were as kittens, but they can still get bored and frustrated. Playing with your cat and giving them challenges to solve every day will encourage them to use their brain and muscles more, improve their heart health, and burn more calories. A more active cat is at less risk of anxiety, dementia, and early death.

Administer parasite protection

Fleas and ticks are incredibly uncomfortable and stressful for cats and very difficult to get rid of when they take up residence in your home, so be sure to administer parasite prevention medicine regularly. Medicines can also protect your cat from internal parasites such as heartworm, which can be deadly. Speak to your veterinarian about the best treatment for your cat.

Clean their litter box daily

It is important to keep your cat’s litter box clean not just because cats are very sensitive to smell and like to be clean but also because it ensures you are monitoring the condition of their stool and urine. If you notice changes like diarrhea, blood, or that your cat is not going at all, it may be time to call a vet.

Neuter or spay them

It is wise to spay your female cat to prevent unwanted pregnancies, but there are other health benefits to consider. Spayed female cats are less likely to develop uterine infections or breast tumors, and neutering male cats can reduce the likelihood of testicular cancer or prostate issues. Neutered cats are also less likely to exhibit territorial behaviors like spraying urine in the home.

Avoid bringing poisons into the home

It is always a good idea to keep medication, chemicals such as cleaning fluids, pesticides, or weed killers locked away where pets and small children cannot get to them, but there are other potential poisons that are less well-known. For example, certain types of flowers can be toxic to cats. Click here for more information.

Groom your cat

Cats will spend much of their day grooming themselves, but that does not mean that you can’t help them out. Stroking and combing your cat’s coat can help you bond with your cat, and it can also prevent the development of hairballs and tangles. You should also use grooming sessions as a way to check over your cat’s skin condition from time to time, as lumps or bumps may not be visible to the eye if covered by fur.