display case

Your display cases take a beating. They work in conditions that can wear away at their materials. They hold and transport heavy displays. They get covered in dust that is allowed to sit. But, the burden on these cases is lessened when shop owners perform the proper maintenance. Whether you have just purchased your first display cases or are completely retrofitting your store, here are some tips that can make your new items last longer. 

Start Your Day With a Pre-Operation Check

A daily pre-operation inspection should be part of your routine. As with human health, prevention is often the best approach to avoiding disaster, so you should give your cases a quick examination to ensure they have not sustained any damage or spills. 

Capitalize on Technological Advancements

Today, case manufacturers use a host of technological advancements to produce their products. If you want to capitalize on these, you need to understand the proper maintenance for the different advancements that are in your cases. 

Maintain Your Engines

If you have refrigerated or otherwise motorized display cases, you will need to worry about their engines. Generally, these are electric and fairly easy to work on. The key is to make sure they stay clean. Therefore, you are going to need to clean the vents regularly. You can often do this with a rag and a little patience. If there is a significant amount of grime, you may need to add some soap and water. 

You are also going to need to inspect the internal components for rust or damage. Check any hoses for leaks. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations as far as replacing parts. Be sure to only use genuine parts inside of your engine. If you are uncertain about changing the parts yourself, you can hire a technician to change them for you. This is a better idea than trying to change something and doing more damage. 

Don’t Overlook the Basics

Every shop owner knows they need to clean their display cases regularly, but that doesn’t mean it happens. Make sure you develop a cleaning schedule and then follow it. Create the schedule according to your working conditions. This will prevent excessive dust build-up or sticky spots. Then, stick with your plan. 

Manufacturers are producing cases that are durable and can last for a long time. However, you need to do your part and maintain them if you want the longest life expectancies. Follow these healthy practices to ensure your equipment stays in tip-top shape.