study plan

Studying as a parent is personally rewarding, but it can also be challenging. Juggling a degree with school runs, after-school activities, and other family commitments is difficult. However, you can find the right balance and be successful while keeping everyone happy.

Below are some tips for getting a degree as a parent. 

Choose a flexible online program

Most learners with commitments like a family prefer online degree programs because they offer more flexibility than traditional brick-and-mortar degrees. When you enroll in an online program, you will have access to your course materials 24/7 and can study around your existing commitments. This means that learning tasks are less likely to interfere with your family life. 

If you ever started a degree but didn’t finish it for whatever reason, then you can enroll in a degree completion program and earn your degree quicker and cheaper. The Merrimack College Pathway Bachelor Degree Completion program is 100% online, making it ideal for learners with a family.

Create a study plan – and stick with it!

Learners who are parents must create a detailed study plan and organize their time well. Once you enroll in a degree program, you should take the time to read the course syllabus carefully and make a note of important deadlines and assignments.

Decide how much time you will need to dedicate towards your studies each day/week to keep on top of your coursework. If you are enrolled in an online degree program, then you can choose when you complete your learning tasks. For instance, you might study while your kids are at school or after they have gone to bed at night.

Having this flexibility is a huge advantage for busy parents, but it also requires excellent time management skills and self-discipline. Take a look at this article by Intelligent for a guide on how to create an effective study schedule.  

Schedule quality family time

Studying is important, but you shouldn’t let it harm your family relationships or cause tension and arguments in your household. Nurture a close family bond by scheduling quality family time at least once a week. If possible, try to set a whole day aside every week when your family gets together and does something special.

You could have a family game night, watch movies, bake cookies, go bowling, or plan a camping trip or day out to a different city. There are plenty of affordable and fun family activities that will bring you closer together.

You should also keep your family in the loop and make them feel involved in your studying by telling them what you have learned or getting them to help you with learning tasks.

Bottom line

Earning a degree as a parent can help you move up the career ladder, increase your earning potential, and achieve your professional goals. Balancing studying with busy family life is not always easy, but you can find the right balance.

These tips will help you be successful in your degree program and keep your family smiling.