Plenty of the neighbourhood residents have asked, “What’s the best pizza in PJ?” But in trying to arrive at a definitive answer, more questions have to be asked. 

The fact is, there are so many varieties of pizza nowadays that what is being offered by the various pizza places in PJ has a significant bearing on defining the favourites of the area. 

Pretty much everyone knows that pizza was invented by the Italians in the Neapolitan region of the country. But during World War II, American soldiers fighting in Italy discovered what would become one of the world’s favourite meals and brought it back with them back to the United States. From there, it spread all over the world until it inspired the question of what’s the best pizza in PJ.

Expanding the Concept of Pizza

Though immigrant Italians in the US knew about pizza, they never gave much thought to the popularity of it until the soldiers returned from Italy with their love for this dish. Then, they all of a suddenrealised that pizza could be big business, and almost overnight, there were different versions of the dish appearing according to the city the Italian pizza-makers had adopted as their home in America. 

Nowadays, there is New York-style pizza, which is large and round, and often made simply with cheese, olive oil, and tomato sauce. Pizza parlours all over the world serve it in large slices that are usually folded in half. 

There is Chicago deep-dish pizza which resembles a pie. It has high sides, and pizza-lovers can get absolutely full on a single slice. Both New York and Chicago pizza have thin, chewy crusts. Another type of pizza that has more of a bread-like crust is Detroit-style pizza. This pizza is often also prepared in a square shape and designed to feed a lot of people at a party, event, or other gatherings. 

Everyone Has Their Favourite Toppings

Another of the defining factors that decide the best pizza in PJ is the choice of toppings. With every topping available, from shrimp and crab sticks to BBQ chicken and pineapple, the soldiers of WWII would scarcely recognise the pizza around the world today. 

With adventurous pizza chefs eager to try including the latest regional food fad as a topping on their newest pizzas to their loyal customer base, new pizza combinations appear all the time in every neighborhood all over the Klang Valley. 

Go On a Pizza Quest

Finding the best pizza in PJ would be almost impossible to decide because everyone has a different favourite topping and enjoy different styles of pizza. But it’s a worthwhile undertaking for a group of friends.  Get a group of your pizza-loving friends together and make an evening out of sampling many different pizzas from PJ. Being a residential area, there are many pizza shops that specialise in pizza delivery. So you can have a series of pizzas delivered right to your door and finally reach a definitive answer to Malaysia’s most nagging question: What is the best pizza in PJ?