When you’re buying a house or apartment, or looking at properties to rent for a substantial amount of time, it’s common for prospective buyers or renters to really scrutinize the potential space to make sure it includes everything that they want in a home. One particular area of a home that is sure to be highly looked at is the master bathroom. Master bathrooms need to be spacious, have good use of glass and porcelain for a clean look, and would be best if they include a bathtub.

Sounds kind of childish to want a bathtub in a master bathroom, considering that most adults take showers over baths, but bathtubs are extremely popular bathroom features in Asia. Drawing tradition from Japanese culture, taking baths is a great way to relax your body and mind in peaceful and tranquil surroundings.  

A private bath is highly sought after because it gives you access to a blissful paradise any time you want it. In fact, most houses, apartments, or condominiums built by Japanese people or a Japanese developer will certainly have a bathtub in the bathroom because of their ubiquity in Japan. 

Next time you are looking at a new house, shopping for a rental apartment, or even visiting your friend’s or family’s houses, check out if the master bathroom has a bathtub. You can quickly judge that these people have good taste if they have one!

Benefits of Having a Bathtub at Home

In certain cities in Asia, hectic work life can take its toll on the body and mind. Debilitating traffic, suffocating pollution, and difficult commutes make a normal stressful work week that much more taxing. Many people in populated Asian cities lament the toll they put their bodies through each day to get to work.

But when you have created a private sanctuary at your home, you can fully unwind after a busy day. It’s important to create a work-free and stress-free environment when at home in order to preserve your mental wellbeing. Overworking yourself or not leaving work at the office can create a toxic home environment that may spill over into your personal relationships.

When you have a bathtub at home, all of those work stressors and can figuratively and literally be washed away. By soaking your body in warm bath water, you release the stress from your body and begin the process of mental and physical rehabilitation. 

Plus, when you have a bathtub at home, you are prepared for certain days when you just need a private escape to get away from it all. Lighting some candles and using essential oils is a surefire way to destress and relax.

One final benefit is that if you have children, they can use the bathtub for a fun bath time. Bath time is a family-building activity that is so much better than forcing your kids to shower at a young age.  So, keep your eyes out next time you are house hunting.