nursing home

One of the hallmarks of a traditional Asian household is multi-generational living. For generations, it’s been common practice for parents to move in with their children and grandchildren as they age, keeping the family together as much as possible. But for some families, that isn’t a feasible option, and they must look for eldercare facilities to house their parents. In Malaysia, nursing homes are becoming more popular options for aging parents who need a place to live if they can’t live with their children.

Today, many young people move to big cities, like Kuala Lumpur, to find steady employment. That takes a toll on their family, as real estate prices in KL are high. Many young employees will live in apartments or small condominiums that are conveniently located to their place of employment. The downside is that these small living spaces do not allow them to take care of their parents at the same time.

Since rapid urbanization in Malaysia is a generally recent phenomenon, many new nursing homes in Malaysia have been opened to service a growing population of senior citizens who need care and housing. Despite the changes to the cultural norm, many are ok with the new reality. 

If you are a child of an elderly person who needs to be housed in a nursing home in Malaysia but is unsure what to look for in a facility, we have provided a list of things to look for to help you make the best decision for your parents. 

Conveniently Located

If you are the primary caregiver to your parents in every way but housing, you will want them to be nearby so you can visit them frequently. Living in the city doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on spending time with your family.

Many nursing homes in Malaysia are located on the outskirts of cities or in lower rent areas of major cities. If you are a busy urbanite, these may be the best options for you. What’s more, is that any nursing home in Malaysia located near public transportation would make the process of visiting your parents even easier.

Reputable Doctors

Nursing homes are specifically designed for people who can no longer live on their own. Their health needs are too great for them to be able to provide themselves with proper care. Anyone at this stage of their life needs the comfort of knowing that physicians and medical staff dealing with their health problems are skilled and reputable.

Check with the nursing home in question and find out who the attending physician is on staff. In addition, it may be good to cross-reference this person’s credentials with the health care needs of your parents. Finding a good match between doctor and patient is beneficial because they will be able to help your parents should anything go awry with their health.